Swing Gate Automation

Our range of swing gate automation is second to none. Unlike many of our competitiors in the marketplace, we have never found the need to specialize (or we would say, limit) ourselves to just one brand. We offer swing gate automation from six major brands to ensure that we always have the exact right model on offer when the need arises. Not all systems are great in every single circumstance, and that is where the knowledge and experience of a dealer principal who worked on his first automation system in 1990 comes into play. You don’t need to find out the hard way what is a good or bad system. We have done those hard yards and can often make selections based on over thirty years of real world, onsite, data.

Geography. Another very important factor. We have conducted thousands of installations in South Australia, from Murray Bridge to Ceduna. From Sellicks Beach to Port Augusta. We know what we are looking at when it comes to local weather and how that will change how much or how little will be required to automate your gates.