Sliding Gate Automation

Over the many years we have been in business we have been constantly innovating with regards to sliding gate automation. We have sampled motors from all over the world and we offer the benefit of our knowledge to every customer we work for. We have also been behind the scenes working with many gate manufacturers to perfect the gate and motor system as a whole. The Goal? To arrive at painless, perfect operation with little to no down time over decades of lifespan.

The greatest advantage of sliding gate automation is not space saving as you would imagine Рbut they do give you that. It is site safety. Sliding gates are now amongst the safest devices to be found in your home or at your workplace thanks to advanced electronics and pedantic installation practice. It may save you from a brush with the car. But more importantly your children, your friends and you, are perfectly safe in the presence of advanced automation that can push up to many tonnes of gate around.

One of our specialties is the quick and painless replacement of sliding gate motors. We can generally replace a failed motor within a day or two for you, to get you back to where you need to be.