Q: How do I organise an automatic gate installation?

A: Use the Quote request form here. We will recommend several experienced gatemakers to you, so you can get several quotes if you wish. We will come and see the site and discuss your unique requirements. We will then send you (or email you) a no obligation quote and full brochures. It doesn't matter how big or small the job is, you still get the full service.


Q: Do I need 240 Volt power at the gate?

A: Not necessarily - nowadays most automation is low voltage. It's safer that way, and it's much easier to get low voltage to the gate than 240 Volt.


Q: How much does product x cost?

A: How long is a piece of string? We give free quotes, and we are always happy to give a ballpark figure over the phone, once we have heard your requirements.


Q: Do you install boom gates, induction loops, proximity tags and apartment intercoms?

A: Yes, and we do all sorts of other commercial and industrial work.


Q: My gate is stuck how do I open it?

A: At Gate-A-Mation we service any of the brands that we have sold over the years, and we offer 24 hour 7 day a week telephone assistance for products that were purchased from us.


Q: I need some new remote controls!

A: Head on over to our online store, we can just send you out a remote in a padded bag via Australia post. If you are having trouble - give us a call.


Q: I'd like to make my own sliding gate, can you give me some measurements?

A: Of course we can. We have standard drawings available here:  Slider Specs