Service – Check Remotes

How to check your remotes:

If you are having trouble with a remote control there are several things you can check.

Is this the only remote that doesn't work? Test all of your remotes. If they are all not working maybe you should try this page.

If only one or two don't work, try replacing the batteries. You can do a simple battery swap with a known working remote at no cost, and it will tell you if you really need to change the batteries. Some remotes have more than one battery in them, they should never be replaced with a single battery. Key cutting shops in malls usually have the means to test your batteries to see if they really need replacing. Supermarkets stock all of the battery types that are used in remotes we sell. Many remotes list the type of batteries needed on the back of the remote, ie. 2x CR2016. It is important that the exact type be used.

If in testing you find that your remotes are working, but only when you are right next to the gate system, this can mean there is a problem with the receiverĀ  or aerial, and not the remotes themselves, and we will need to look at the problem onsite to assist you.

If you find you have a single remote that has failed and changing the battery does not fix it, you can email us at and in some cases we can email you instructions on re-coding the remote. Remember to tell us the brand and model of remote in the email to avoid delays. If the remote can't be made to operate again, you can order new ones here.