Service – Check Power

Power Checklist.

If your gate is travelling slowly or not going at all, it may mean the power is off to the unit. First you need to determine where the unit is plugged in. On gate motors this can be adjacent to the motor or on the nearest part of the house, sometimes near the switchboard or in the carport/ garage. Once you have found the power point that provides power to the unit, unplug the plug and visually inspect the pins for burn marks, wetness or dirt on any of the pins. Also check the pinholes of the power point for the same. If these are clear of damage, try another device in the power point, something that has a significant load such as a hairdryer. Whilst it is running test the on off switch to the power point, making sure that merely bumping the switch whilst it is on does not result in a loss of power. Test the point for the firmness of hold on the 3 pin plug.

If you can't locate the power point (this can happen because in some rare cases the unit is powered out of the roof space of the home), check all switchboards on your property for circuits that are off. If they are all on you have done all you can.

In addition to this check you should also determine that the gate system has not been manually released. This is normally indicated by a swing gate or slide gate that can be pushed around. If that is the case you will need to find your manual release keys and re-engage the motor, and then check if operation has been resumed. Many systems nowadays must have the manual release mechanism locked closed again before the system will resume properly, do not just sit the clutch mechanism near to the locked position and presume it will stay there.

If you manage to get your gate system going again because the power was the problem (good for you!!), please email us at stating your name and address and that you wish to cancel the service booking. There is no charge for a cancellation.