Service – Check Gate

Check your gate for damage or interference.

It is important that you check your gate for any obstructions that may be causing the issues you are experiencing.

If your gate is bent in any way, Gate-A-Mation can't help you to sort out your problem, we are automation specialists, not fencing contractors. It will most probably mean you will have to go back to wherever the gate was purchased from for repairs. If it is serious damage, you may need to involve your Insurance company and request some quotations.

The two leading causes of unnecessary service calls are: Overgrown vegetation, and Soil movement, both resulting in trees, plants, concrete or pavers interfering with the path of the gate. Neither are covered under Gate-A-Mation warranty terms as they are outside of our control. On the plus side a 5 minute check and judicious use of some secateurs can save you a call out. Newspapers and bark from bark gardens frequently become entrapped in the back-run area of sliding gates, and are easily removed. If your swing gates need hinge adjustments made, it is often cheaper to employ a fencing contractor to complete those changes. The reason for this is every single one of our employees is an A Class Electrician, we do not have labourers rates for simple repairs unfortunately.